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Diesel engine exhaust turbocharger failure cause

Diesel engine exhaust turbocharger failurecause 

 Diesel engine inlet pressure to reducemain reasons:

(1) The compressor of the filtercontamination.

(2) The impeller and vanned diffusercontamination.

(3) The supercharger turbo memory have morecarbon deposit, spin resistance increase.

(4) The intercooler contamination,increased intake resistance.

(5) Turbine exhaust not clear, this isbecause the pipe blockage, deformation caused by rotor speed rise is not high.

 Compressor surge main reasons:

(1) Diesel engine emergency cut-off orsudden unloading (urgent throttle back).

(2) The atmospheric temperature changes causesurge. In the summer of the supercharger with test, in winter could happensurge, this is because the temperature change make working point change andcause.

(3) Compressor contamination, especiallyvaned diffuser contamination.

(4) a engine plant 2 sets of supercharger,Shared a piece of inlet manifold, when a cylinder does not work, can leadcompressor surge.

Diesel engine inlet pressure is toohigh. Generally speaking, the inlet pressure is too high in the supercharger itis not the problem,

but by the engine of the cause, the main reasons are:

(1) The vent valve leakage.

(2) Because of engine fuel injection timinginappropriate or other causes for combustion period is too long, to drive aturbine heat increase, speed up, inlet pressure increase.

(3) Produce continuous abnormal sound: thiskind of failure is due to the majority of rotor and shell as a result of thecollision. Due to the rotor and shell assembly clearance is small, ifinstallation maladjustments or bearing serious damage, then hitting.

The lubricating oil temperature is toohigh (above 105 ) of the main reasons:

(1) The turbine oil, gas seal damage, hightemperature gas into the oil chamber.

(2) The bearing damage.

Oil leakage: compressor seal close tothe edge of the impeller is low pressure area, easy to produce the oil leakagefault. Main reasons are:

(1) The lubricating oil return not free.The reason has return line congestion, return line sectional area is too small,pipe joint gasket inner hole diameter less than return line; Diesel engine inthe crankcase oil level higher than standard, cause oil return difficult;Diesel engine crankcase ventilation blocking or cylinder seal bad, gas XieRu,make the crankcase internal pressure rise.

(2) The compressor end O ring damage ormaterial aging and lose sealing effect.

(3) Turbocharger oil inlet pressure is toohigh. Normal pressure is 0.25 ~ 0400000 mpa, if pressure is higher than 0.6million mpa, from exhaust muffler nozzle will find from the supercharger turboend leakage oil.

(4) Ring not installed correctly or damage.

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