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What is a turbocharger


Do you know what is a turbocharger ? Everyone have watched cars buzzing past you, sooty fumes streaming. It'sobvious that exhaust gas makes air dirty, it is a type of wasting energy at thesame time.

The exhaust  gas is hot when pumping out from pipeline, allthe energy it contains (the heat and the motion) disappear into air. Why not tomake use of this waste power to make car faster? That's exactly what a turbochargerdoes.


Turbochargeris actually an air compressor, increasing intake compressing usesthe inertia momentum of engine exhaust to drive the turbine at chamber, whichin turn drive the compressor wheel, the impeller sends air from air filter pipe, so that pressurized into the cylinder. the impeller sends air from air filterpipe , so that pressurized into the cylinder. When the engine speed increases,the exhaust gas discharge speed and turbine speed is also increasedsimultaneously, impellering to compress more air into the cylinder, pressureand density of the air increases can burn more fuel, a corresponding increasein the amount of fuel and adjustment of the engine speed, it can increase thepower output of the engine.


In order to make car goes faster, oneway is to add more cylinders, another way is to install one turbocharger intoengine.

It can force more air into cylinders andburn fuel or gasline at faster speed, Bester Power Turbochargeris your best choice.

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