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Turbocharger Maintenance Tips


Turbocharger Maintenance Tips

Regularly check the oil

Turbocharger and the cylinder arelubricated with the same type of oil. Since the turbocharger is often operatedat a high temperature, the internal oil is easily coked to generate carbondeposits, and sometimes the oil filter is blocked, and the oil is easilydeteriorated. If it continues to be used, it will cause damage to the turbochargerbearing due to insufficient lubrication. Therefore, check the quantity andquality of the oil regularly, replace the deteriorated or dirty oil in time,and clean or replace the oil filter to ensure the high cleanness of the oil.


Check the oil pipe

The oil inlet should be as short as possibleto supply oil soon after the engine is started. Except for a few special cases,the oil outlet should be directed downwards, and the return oil line should behigher than the oil level of the oil pan to ensure that the return oil can flowback to the engine oil sump. Also pay attention to the seal of the oil linepipe joint to prevent oil leakage.

Check the seal of the gas circuit

Pay attention to whether the air filter tothe compressor, the compressor to the engine intake pipe, the pipe between theturbine and the engine exhaust pipe is damaged, the connection between thepipes is good, the fastening nut or bolt is loose, and the seal is replaced ifnecessary. Gasket. Poor sealing of the compressor end will seriously reduce theturbo effect. The gas leakage at the turbine end will not only reduce theturbine power but also the high temperature gas entering the bearing mechanismand affecting the bearing life.

Regular cleaning

The engine oil filter and air filter mustbe kept clean and the oil filter cleaned to ensure the normal service life ofthe bearing. The turbocharger has a high speed during operation, usuallybetween 50,000 and 120,000 per minute. Any foreign matter will cause permanentdamage to the high-speed rotating impeller, so it is necessary to clean orreplace the three filters regularly. Another benefit is to ensure that theintake air is smooth, so as to avoid the oil on the compressor end bearing. Inaddition, it is necessary to clean the filter and pipeline of the oil filter intime.

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